Saturday, December 7, 2013

Too Far Apart

I don't know why, but I was looking through my Facebook Friends and saw my cousin Craig Wright pop up. I haven't seen or spoken with Craig for years. The last I heard, his mother, my 1st cousin Judy had gone to California to stay with Craig. 

At the time, I assumed she retired and was moving closer to her son and grand kids.

I sent Craig a message to see how he and his Mom were doing. The reply I got from Craig set me on my heels. 

Craig told me he was still in the hospital and hoped to go home next week. I had no idea he was in the hospital. When I asked him why he was there, he told me that he had had stomach and esophageal cancer. I asked him what the status of the cancer was and he told me that the cancer was gone but that he was still having complications!

It was then that I decided that we have grown too far apart as a family. This should not happen, next to God, family should be the most important part of our lives, and this includes extended family. We all come from the same heritage and share a common blood bond. 

I feel absolutely negligent in not putting this as a priority in my life. Though we move in many different directions, we should still make every effort to keep in touch and keep informed about each other. Who knows when we may be called upon for help. What would happen if someone in the family needed an organ match and you were that match but never found out until it was too late?

It is my prayer that I might keep this in mind and do my best to let my family know that I am there whenever they need me, no matter what.

I would like to ask for your prayers for Craig and his family. That God be with them and that Craig will make a full recovery.

Let us all keep our families in our hearts and minds. May God be with you all and your families!

Lets move closer to each other rather than staying "Too Far Apart"!

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