Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Are You Having Trouble Giving Up Smoking

I'm going to share with you today My Five Day Quit Smoking Program! You don't need patches, Chantix, nicotine gum or any other drug in you system to do this Program. I have been sharing this with people since I did it when I was 38 years old. I am now 71.

This Program was initially started by The Seventh Day Adventists. Through The years, I have adjusted it a bit to make it easier, but my results are about the same as the original program., around 95% success ratio, Heck, I went to the first meeting as sort of a challenge from my employees who might be attending,

We'd heard about it one day on the radio and it piqued our interest! The first meeting was to be held on a Sunday night. As we were leaving work for the weekend, we smokers asked each other if we were going to the meeting.

As usual, we were pretty noncommittal that Friday afternoon, like maybe I'll see you there, but I don't think I'm quite there yet.

Come Sunday night, all eight of us showed up. I think, more out of curiosity than anything. Surprised me, since on the way to the meeting, I bought a new pack of cigarrettes and had one before. I went into the meeting!

That turned out to be my last cigarette!

Anyway, when we got in, there were about 35 people there. We weren't all heavy smokers and a couple didn't come back for the 2nd nights meeting leaving us at 33 for the 5 days.

At the time, I was smoking 2-1/2 to 3 packs a day , but there was one lady there that was smoking 5-6 packs a day.i I thought I was bad.

Anyway, we started the program and all 33 of us finished it! The lady that was smoking 5-6 packs a day was down to 1 pack a day by day 4, and totally off at the end of day 5. Amazing, none of us thought she could do it.

To this day, everyone that hasn't passed on from other maladies is still off of cigarettes.

Part of the program include watching movies and discussion with Dr. Keln, a Gastroenterologist, who, just happened to be my neighbor in Layton. The other part of the program consisted of what I am about to give you. It's a recipe for choosing not to smoke and it's the cheapest and easiest formula I have ever seen. Over the years, I have helped roughly 900- 1100  people choose not to smoke.

It is my prayer that should you want to try this that you stick it out for the whole five days. You will be amazed at how truly easy it is and how much better you'll feel.

So, here goes:
I hope you like Cranberry, Cran-Appl, Cran-Grape, etc. because you need to drink at least 2-32oz Glasses each day.
You need to use natures Vitamin B-12 an B-Complex as directed on th bottle.
Shower in the A.M.
Shower in the P.M.
If you feel the urge to have a cigarrette, stop and take 5 DEEP BREATHS. By this I mean bend at the waist and inhale as much as you can while bringing your body to a standing position. Hold for a couple of seconds and exhale while bending to your waist again. Repeat this process 4 more times. The urge should be gone.
If you absolutely need to have a cigarrette, go ahead and have one, but DONT feel like a failure, choose not to next time and continue with the routine .
Each day you don't smoke, put the money aside that you saved for that day. Continue this beyond the 5 days for at least a month and see how much has been going up in smoke. I don't have money to burn, and I'm sure you don't either.

Now, why Cranberry juice. It so happens that Cranberries are the best thing you can take for cleaning the nicotine from your body, especially your liver, kidneys and blood. The nicotine will be coming out of your pours and urine. This, the shower in the A.M. To wash off what you sweat out at night and shower. In the P.M. To get rid of what you sweat out during the day.

The Vitamin B-12 is natures tranquilizer and helps with the anxiety.

The Vitamin B-Complex aids the B-12 and helps depression.

The 5 DEEP BREATHS quell the urge for a cigarrette. What may seem like minutes, in reality only lasts for about 15 Seconds.

There, one of the cheapest and most effective ways to get off tobacco!

May God Bless you in your quest and help you through the seemingly tough times.

Reverend Joe A Sondrup
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Feel free to share with your friends and enemies, and have a wonderful Spirit Filled Journey!

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