Sunday, March 6, 2016


As a grassroots activist, on many group lists, I was invited to preview an upcoming movie - Revelation: Dawn of Global Government.  It has been shown twice in the Houston area in an attempt to drum up attendance when the movie officially opens, in Houston on April 15th.  I've seen it both times.  After its Houston premier, if it does well, it will go nationwide.  Thus they want grassroots people to plug it through their channels.  This movie needs to go nationwide, especially in an election year that could mean the start of our recovery or our continued slide towards the "new world order."

This is an exceptional movie; like a documentary; it compresses @ 100 years into 1 hr. 40 mins.  It took 5 years to make and shows us how the US is following in the steps of other countries that have evolved into tyranny / dictatorship with stories given by people who were there when it happened.  It's scary just how close we are and few citizens are aware of it.  It reviews our Founding Fathers and the documents they put forth to set us apart from other countries and their concerns about the overreach of government.  Then it shows the level of gov't overreach we have today that's far outside what our constitution calls for.

It gives example after example of how we're off course with what our Constitution calls for and the general attitude of elected officials who take an Oath of Office to protect and defend but as soon as they're seated, they ignore that oath.  Party affiliation makes no difference.  Global governance is the ultimate goal.  Ego drives the politician; service, honor, patriotism drives the statesman which seldom exists in our political system.

It is a very educational film and meant to wake up Americans to what's happening before it's too late for our republic.  It could turn out to be one of the most significant nation changing instruments that saves America from ourselves, IF enough people see it.  It will certainly grab your attention.  It is constitutionally and Biblically based and features many pastors, Chuck Baldwin for one.  You will be moved by this film.  If you're a patriot, it will be emotional, heart wrenching.  If you're part of the problem, one of the progressive globalist, it may make you angry to see that the rest of us are preparing to send you and your agenda packing.  "It's time to ride, boys."

One of the actors, Charlie Daniels, music legend, says they're looking for a thousand Paul Reveres to carry the message that global governance is coming and the solution is YOU.  Government is not going to solve it, politicians aren't going to solve it, waiting for someone else to do it won't solve it, it's up to YOU.

Information about the movie can be found here  www.revelationthemovie.info  which includes a link to a 2+ min. trailer.  For you vets, LTG Jerry Boykin is one of the featured spokesmen.  It will be released in Houston April 15 and if we do a good enough job at getting people to the theaters, it will then expand across the country.  So, look for it.  Go see it.  Take someone with you, especially the clueless youth.  Be a Paul Revere and spread the word when the time comes.  Some of you who head groups and have extensive email lists can do a great service to our country by spreading this when the movie goes national.  There will be a DVD available after the viewing across the country.

Thanks to all

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