Friday, December 31, 2010

It's New Year Eve

Well, another year has come and is about gone. It is a time to reflect on things past and present. How was your year 2010?

As for me, it was quite a year. My family went through a lot of trials this year. At times, it didn't seem possible to get through it all, but we hung together as a Family and everything pretty much worked itself out.  Between our Love for each other and many, many prayers we were able to survive.

I have been blessed by God. There is no doubt that without Him, I would not have made it. He blessed me with the most remarkable woman for a wife, an amazing Daughter that came with her into this marriage, two beautiful children from my first marriage, seven absolutely beautiful grand children and on October 2, an absolutely precious great grand son. What a remarkable blessing to have such a wonderful family.

Thank you Lord for this past year and reminding me that you are always there to help us through the hard times as well as guiding us through the good times.

As I look forward to 2011, I am confident that You are with me. Guiding my every step.

I would ask that you also watch over and protect my many friends and family. Keep them safe from harm and show them the LOVE that only You can give.

Thank You for all the friends I have throughout the world. Bless them all with Your Grace, no matter what their personal beliefs. Remind them that we are one people, sharing this wonderful creation. EARTH. May we learn to come together as a people and protect each other and your creation from further harm and turmoil. Though we have many differences, let us use these differences for the greater good. Help us to better understand our fellow man and enjoy each other as Human Beings.

Thank You again Lord for the bounty of Blessings You give us each day
May Peace and Love Reign Throughout The World in 2011

Thursday, December 30, 2010


As the New Year approaches, I would pray that we not forget the lessons learned in 2010. The people do have a voice and it should be heard throughout the land.

I have been asked by a very Dear Friend to compose a Blessing or a Prayer for 2011. With this in mind, here is my fervent prayer for all peoples throughout the world and especially this GREAT COUNTRY, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

O' Lord, Jesus Christ, we thank You for all Your blessings. For Your Spirit and Guidance given to the founders of this Great Nation and the development of this Republic.

We pray Lord that You would lay Your hands on the hearts of the leaders of this nation, and on the hearts of the people, that we may get back to the principles set forth in Our Constitution. We pray for Your guidance in this country and our dealings with other the other nations of the world.

We ask You to help us to always remember those that have given and are now giving so much to preserve our God Given Rights as outlined and foreseen by our FOUNDERS. To pray for all people to seek You out in these troubling times. To put You back where You belong, In our hearts and minds, seeking Your wisdom in All Things.

We ask You to Bless our Leaders, that they will Seek You out when performing their duties in governing this Nation.

I would ask for Your Blessings upon ALL Your Children in the world. That they would come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Put aside the petty differences we have and realize that we are all the same. That if we were to remove our skin, we would all look the same and no one could tell us apart one from the other.

May Your Blessings be on us Always, Now and Forever. May You Heal our Hearts and help us to always remember Your Son, Jesus Christ and the Sacrifice He payed for us all to have Life Everlasting and the Greatest Gift he gave us besides Himself is LOVE.

Thank You Lord Jesus, We pray for Your Love to come into our Hearts Daily and give us the ability and the willingness to share that LOVE with all we meet.

Let us NEVER be ashamed to share Your Name or Your LOVE.
I pray in Your Name
Jesus Christ