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Holocaust Survivors - Their Stories

Though they survived the Holocaust, most have not escaped from the pain. Read the stories of the survivors.

Alexander Kimel: Memoirs of a Survivor

Over a dozen stories from Alexander's life during the Holocaust. From the trauma of a baby born in the ghetto to a young girl who survived an Einsatzgruppen action, his stories are powerful and traumatic. (To find the rest of his story, use the links on the left side of the page under the heading "Memoirs.")

Alicia Appleman-Jurman: Survival and Heroism of a Young Girl During th

This web site is based on the remarkable book Alicia: My Story. Alicia was only thirteen when she was thrust into the horrors of the Holocaust. Though she saw her family murdered around her, Alicia was able to survive through both luck and bravery. Alicia also saved two groups of Soviet partisan groups.

Ann Levy

Only four years old when the Germans invaded Poland, Anne and her family moved from Lodz to Warsaw in order to be with family. Anne tells the interviewer from the Southern Institute about hiding in a cabinet in the Warsaw Ghetto and then how her family escaped the ghetto and hid as Catholics in the "Aryan-side."

Benjamin Jacobs - The Dentist of Auschwitz

From labor camps to Auschwitz, follow Benjamin's story of survival. He gives you a detailed story including the shtetl where he lived, his deportation, the murder of his family, his life in labor camps, and then his experiences as a dentist in Auschwitz. Benjamin's memoir has been published as The Dentist of Auschwitz.

Camp Survivors

Brief recollections from four survivors of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. These men and women describe the conditions in the cattle cars as well as the daily routine in camp.

Charlotte Guthmann Opfermann: Interview with a Survivor

From your About.com Guide - Charlotte's personal account of life within the Theresienstadt Ghetto.

David Budnik and Yakov Kaper

Budnik and Kaper are two of only fifteen that survived the cremation squad at Babi Yar. This site has both of their stories - links on the bottom of the page. (Parts 5 and 6 of Budnik's story describe his time at Babi Yar.)

The Ernest and Elisabeth Cassutto Memorial Page: Survivors of the Holo

Read the touching life stories of Ernest and Elisabeth. They survived the Holocaust, lost dear and close loved ones, and had to begin a new life after liberation.

Eva G.

Interviewed by the Southern Institute, Eva G. tells her story to the interviewer. Eva was born in Oleszyce, Poland in 1924. She tells us about her town while growing up and about her anxieties when she is sent to Germany and must pose as a Catholic while working on a farm. See Henry G.'s story below.

Eva Galler: Portrait of a Survivor

This seems to be the same Eva as the link above, but her story is told very differently. This time, she also tells of her family, a special blessing that was placed on her by the Belzer Rebbe, as well as her escape from a death train heading to Belzec. Included are some audio selections from Eva and various photographs about her story.

Evelyn Pike-Rubin: Shelter Found in Shanghai

As a young, Jewish child in Nazi Germany, Evelyn was not allowed into the parks like the other children nor was she allowed to go to a public school like the other children. After Kristallnacht her family fled Germany to Shanghai where conditions were not good, some of her family members died, and she and her mother had to fight to survive.

Felicia Fuksman

Felicia, born in Lodz, Poland in 1924, survived the Lodz Ghetto and Ravensbrück. In the interview with the Southern Institute, Felicia shares her experiences when she entered Ravensbrück as well as how she met her husband (also a survivor) in the United States after the war.

Gloria Lyon: From Auschwitz to Ravensbrück

This site has no text but has Gloria's story on Real Audio. Gloria describes her entrance into Auschwitz and life within. She describes how she escaped from being sent to the gas chamber and her subsequent moves to different camps. Finally ending up in Ravensbrück near the end of the war and again almost killed right before liberation.

Harold Gordon: The Last Sunrise

Harold's story takes you from his hometown of Grodno to Bialystok to Buchenwald to Auschwitz to Dachau as well as several other places in between. Harold has given you an interactive map in which to follow his story as well as links to nine sections of his story. In addition, you can hear his story in his own voice and read a synopsis.

Henry G.

Born in Oleszyce, Poland on June 14, 1921, Henry tells his story to an interviewer from the Southern Institute. Henry describes life before the war, about joining the Polish Army in 1941, and about what he experiences when he tried to go back and see his home after the war.

Jeanine Burk: Portrait of a Survivor

Jeanine was only three years old when she was put in hiding. Born in 1939 in Brussels, Belgium, her father took her to a Gentile woman's home where she was hidden indoors for two years. Jeanine's brother and sister, both much older than Jeanine, were also placed in separate hiding places. Included are some audio selections from Jeanine and various photographs about her story.

Joseph Sher: Portrait of a Survivor

Joseph makes you smile and makes you sad by his very vivid descriptions of the events in his life. Born in 1917 in Krzepice, Poland, Joseph was a tailor before the war. He was taken from the ghetto in Czestochowa to even worse conditions in Cieszanow to help build a highway. Joseph vividly describes the terrors of the "toilet," itching of the lice, and the death of his grandmother.

Judith Jaegermann: Memories of My Childhood in the Holocaust

Judith was only a young girl when she was transported to Theresienstadt, then Auschwitz, then labor camps, then on a death march to Bergen-Belsen. She describes being shaved, being tattooed, watching the despair of a woman who dropped her saved piece of bread in the latrines, of beatings, of lice, and of the ties to her family.

Isak Borenstein: Portrait of a Survivor

Born in 1918 in Radom, Poland, Isak fled to Russia before the war. When Germany invaded Russia, Isak joined the Soviet Army but was soon captured. He made an amazing escape and soon joined the partisans. He was captured and tortured horribly. Then Isak shares many near death experiences while at sub-camps of Mauthausen.

Leo Scher

Born in 1921, Leo spent most of his youth in Czestochowa, Poland. While telling his story to an interviewer from the Southern Institute, Leo describes what he saw and how he felt when the Germans entered Czestochowa, rumors of blood libel before the war, how a Volksdeutsche helped save him by helping him hide in a factory, and what life was like right after the war.

Renee Molno: Shame of Humanity

This site has no text but has Renee's story on Real Audio. Renee grew up in Greece and was taken to Auschwitz with his family. His brother and he survived the initial selection while both of his parents were sent to the gas chamber. Renee then talks about what he saw in Auschwitz and about his brother being chosen for sexual experiments. This is a moving story that is worth listening to.

Shep Zitler: Portrait of a Survivor

Six months before World War II began, Shep was drafted into the Polish army. Once his unit was captured, he was sent to various labor camps. In this story, Shep also details the fate of his family and discusses his life after the war in America. Included are some audio selections from Shep and various photographs about his story.

Sidney Finkel: Holocaust Speaker

Sidney's site focuses on his experiences teaching young people about the Holocaust. Sidney is a survivor of Buchenwald and Theresienstadt.

Solomon Radasky: Portrait of a Survivor

Born in 1910 in Warsaw, Solomon was a furrier before the war. After working for several years in the Warsaw Ghetto, Solomon was shot in the leg and nearly sent to Treblinka. Instead, he got sent to Majdanek where he had to have another prisoner "operate" on his leg. Later he was taken to Auschwitz. Included are some audio selections from Solomon and various photographs about his story.

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