Monday, October 31, 2011

Debby Wasserman Schultz's Town Hall by Diane Sori

Diane Sori
Just got home from Debby Wasserman Schultz's Town Hall meeting in Pembroke Pines. It was as BIG a joke as she is. Can you believe I was asked to remove my American flag because it was too BIG.....well, that's the truth! But let me start at the beginning.

First let me start off by saying she did NOT, repeat NOT, pack the house nor even come close to filling all the seats, and I have pictures to prove it! So when the msm says she spoke before a packed house you guys know that isn't true! Second, one of her opposition candidates, Joe Kaufman, who was just going around the room introducing himself, was asked to leave and was escorted out by security, and again I have pictures to prove it! Why was he escorted out.....for the simple reason he is running AGAINST DWS! It was at this point that I was asked to leave my American flag outside the door. I guess DWS is ashamed of it or something.....maybe it competes with her for attention....who knows!

Anyway, her entire speech was nothing but Republican bashing, everything is the Republican's fault, and Barak NO-bama is the most wonderful president we ever had (gag, gag....needed a 'bamabag' for that one) and the best friend Israel ever had (needed a 'bamabucket' at this point). She went on to say what a wonderful Jew she is, how being Jewish guides everything she does, how she is a breast cancer survivor (everybody knows that all ready.....enough, we're smart enough to know a sympathy ploy when we see one), and she kept name-dropping so much you needed boots to walk through the crap pile!

She stood there and bold faced lied about how the economy is improving, how jobs are being created, hailing how wonderful ObamaCare is and how it has alleviated the donut hole in drug reimbursements, how NO-bama's policies have done more to keep us safe than Bush ever did, how he has made us liked and respected again in the world (gagging just writing that one), how much NO-bama is a friend to Israel, and on and on ad nauseum!

When she was done bloviating it was time for Q&As. We patriots had our hands up ALL the time but she NEVER called on any of us! In fact, every time she even glanced our way, she started figgeting and then started stumbling over her words. I guess true patriots make her nervous, and she knew exactly who we were and why we were there. My question was going to be, 'Debbie, as a Jew, how can you abide No-bama's original demand that Israel return to its pre-67 borders, knowing full well that would be suicide, and why can't you admit in public that there is NO such thing as a Palestinian people, and stand behind the land of your ancestors, and demand that the other HUGE Arab nations take their brethren in?' Is that so terrible......I think NOT.

The questions she took were for the most part just praise of her and praise of NO-bama, and she stretched out each answer as long as she could so she could run the clock out and wouldn't have to pick one of us! What a coward she is that she can't even stand up to her opposition in a simple Q&A format......ignoring us will NOT work, Debbie, because we will NOT go away! And the funniest part were the people in the audience who were actually drooling and fawning over her every word like she was the 'anointed one' junior!

If ever there was a 'fixed' meeting, this was it! Hope you enjoy it while you can Debbie, because you will soon be packing your bags, because we patriots WILL get the vote out and kick the whole lot of you libertards back to where you came from.

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