Friday, January 20, 2012

Liberty News Networks Januaruy 20, 2012 - Candidate for President lied about Drug use, Deals Cocaine, smokes crack, has gay sex and murdered his gay lover in 2007?

Candidate for President lied about Drug use, Deals Cocaine, smokes crack, has gay sex and murdered his gay lover in 2007?

It’s certainly a lot more shocking than what was alleged about Cain a couple of weeks ago. According to that accuser, Cain wined, dined and was refined. Cain made a move, she said no, he politely went home and she went to her suite that he provided. Or today’s accusation of a 13 year friendship which Cain says was without sexual “benefits”.

The media is predicting the end of Cain’s campaign, He’s sunk, a skunk and on and on.

But what about allegations of a murdered gay lover, Donald Young who was choirmaster at the Candidate’s Church. Would that be the death blow if it were true of Cain?

You probably haven’t yet heard about this. Larry Sinclair says he met the potential Presidential candidate in a bar after being introduced by a limo driver. Sinclair claims that he was hustled by the candidate for a few free drinks then gave him $250 to buy Cocaine, smoked crack with him and had gay sex with the Candidate.

Pastor Manning in a radio interview buttresses Larry’s story saying that others have also revealed to him that the candidate is bi-sexual.

Sounds wild? What a feeding frenzy to be expected in the Media about these much more serious allegations.

Allegations that even if false will prompt the media to flood the candidate with questions and cast doubt on his move for the Presidency. They could debate the issue, interview the accuser and keep up pressure in the hopes that the candidate resign.

And yet NOTHING. Not a peep.

That’s because Donald Young was the choirmaster of Trinity United Church on the Southside of Chicago headed by the wrong reverend Wright and attended by then Senator Barrack Hussein Obama (AB-Ummah, Father of the Muslim World)

Sinclair brought these allegations against then Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama and the Media said nothing. I didn’t hear about this until last week. (Hat Tip Bill Fowler) The accuser Larry Sinclair had to make YouTube videos and even rent out a hall on his own dime to get any attention.

Sinclair had a checkered past just as Cain’s accusers do. Yet the Media dismissed Sinclair’s charges offhand and ran full speed with what are, in comparison, puny allegations against Cain.

No leftist bias in the media? Not State Controlled?

Is Obama a Liar? Absolutely. One is hard pressed to find anything truthful about him. He can’t keep a thought straight in his head without his teleprompter. Does he seem to be on crack or messed up because of too much use of it? Would these allegations have made any difference in his election?

Anyway it’s too late now, Obama and his ilk have already destroyed the USA.

Did you know that all the gold in the world, 30,000+ Tons according to the World Gold Council, is worth less than the over 2 trillion dollars that Obama and his cronies just borrowed for themselves. Not to mention the 14+ trillion we are saddled with right now to pay for their corrupt deals, welfare, wars, waste, “bailouts”, Stimu-less, Crony Capitalism etc. and the 100 trillion in future obligations foisted on taxpayers for Socialist entitlements that buy votes from the dependent class created by supposedly “free” money.

Get the picture? The socialists have done exactly what every corrupt government has done in the last 5000 years for their own gain; they defrauded you by stealing the value of your currency and spent every penny of your money, your children’s money and maybe even your great grandchildren’s money.

You were too busy to notice because of their propaganda, false scapegoats, economic hardships, busts and booms and a glut of entertainment to distract you.

The first thing to do is stop the bleeding. Stop listening to the ignorant, blind and brainwashed people that vote for Democrats, Liberals and Socialists. Stop putting your faith in Republicans or Conservatives or Libertarians.

THE ONLY WAY TO CORRECT THIS ATROCITY IS TO REPAIR THE CONSTITUTION AND RETURN THE BALANCE OF POWER. If not then all the blood spilled in the Revolutionary and Civil war will have been for naught.

Stop fooling yourself, your vote means nothing and counts for nothing in the current 2 party Democratic Socialist system.
We are already way down the slippery slope. Only the speed of the descent will be altered by changing politicians.

YOU MUST fight for the Repair Amendments to be brought to the States by Congress OR your States must call a Constitutional Convention.

You and your States still have this power. It is the last fail safe mechanism. Use it before that too is taken away.

Don’t let this be the Lone Voice Calling in the Wilderness.

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