Friday, March 23, 2012

My Son, Dr. Corey Sondrup DC

This is one of my son's patient testimonials. He is a remarkable man, and , though he went through some very rough times when his mother and I divorced, I feel that I can take a little pride in the belief that I may have played a part in the shaping of his caring personality and compassion for his fellow man. He is truly a "Great Healer" and I am so proud to read and hear these stories. I love him so very much.

Dr. Corey Sondrup

Julie's Story:
Dr. Corey is so much more than a "chiropractor" or even a "holistic chiropractor." He is an amazing human being who gives freely of his time and energy to others. Through his seminars, books and private sessions he offers healing advice and therapy that is unique and enduring.
My sons started seeing Corey several years ago. The first time, it was Hank, the middle of my three boys, who wanted his outlook adjusted because he kept crashing in ski races! It is so interesting to me now how very minor that issue really was. However, I think it seemed important at the time... Well, whatever Corey did to "fix" Hank, it worked and he had several successful finishes shortly after. Hank was hooked and wanted to keep seeing Dr. Corey. He was 12 at the time.
Fast forward 3 years. Hank was in a tragic car accident where he almost lost his life. Trapped in a car (that at one point caught on fire) for almost an hour due to a head-on collision, Hank was airlifted to the nearest hospital with a broken neck, open compound femur fracture, lacerated skull (TBI), a broken scapula and other lesser injuries. He suffered spinal cord damage and I was told he may never walk again. He spent hours in surgery and days in the ICU and many weeks in the children's hospital. One of the first things he asked for upon becoming alert was for Dr. Corey. Hank had been at a ski race in Mt. Hood so he was in a Portland hospital. I called Corey who immediately flew from SLC to Portland and spent three days tending to Hank while he was immobilized in his hospital bed. Through light therapy, muscle testing, gamma healing and whatever other magic he has up his sleeve, he was there for Hank. And, this care did not stop. Hank was flown home to SLC ten days later and spent 8 more weeks in the hospital. Although Corey lives about 30 miles away, he came to the hospital at least three times per week to see Hank. He never asked for payment or anything extra to cover his travel costs and time. He ALWAYS walked into the room with a smile and left with a hug.
Whatever the reason for success, Hank's story is a "miracle." Hank is now walking and functioning at a high level. While he will never regain what he had prior to the accident, his recovery is truly and utterly remarkable. Hank had a lot to do with his own recovery through his sheer will and determination, and his positive attitude; but if you ask him the most important people along the journey, he says the following, "I credit my healing to mainly three people: Jan Black, my PT; Alan, a ski trainer; and Corey." While the first two focused only on his physical body, Corey worked on his spirit and the parts of our healing that most conventional doctors do not address. Hank's ability to visualize and his belief in what Corey was doing, created a winning combination.
My three children, my mother and I have all received treatments from Corey. He has a depth of understanding and a sense of compassion that defies words. Upon first meeting Corey, it's hard to imagine that inside this imposing figure is a deeply sensitive and caring energy healer. I would recommend Corey to anyone and I will always be grateful for his role in helping to heal my son.
-Julie Shipman -SLC, UT

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