Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On October 1st, millions of Americans will be required to enroll in Obamacare and could lose access to their doctors and be forced to pay higher premiums and higher taxes. But there's still time to stop it. Republicans in Congress can stop Obamacare if they refuse to fund it.
Sign the petition and tell Congress: Don't Fund Obamacare!

Mike Lee

"This is the last opportunity we’re going to have to stop Obamacare before the January 1 deadline so we have to refuse to fund it now."— U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT)

Ted Cruz

"We can de-fund Obamacare if Republican leaders who tell their constituents they’re conservative stand up and act like they’re conservative."— U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)
Join Mike Lee and Ted Cruz in the fight to stop Obamacare. Help us spread the word with these TV advertisements.

Senate Republican Whip List

Democratic Leader Harry Reid needs 60 votes to fund Obamacare, but there are only 54 Democrats in the Senate. If Republicans hold strong, they can stop it.
Tell the Republicans to sign Senator Mike Lee's letter pledging to OPPOSE the government spending bill ("CR") if it funds Obamacare.
NOTE: If they say they SUPPORT bills to defund Obamacare, that does not help us because those bills won't be considered and don't have to pass. We need them to OPPOSE the CR if it funds Obamacare. The CR must be passed in September and it is our only point of leverage.
Mike Lee Letter"For these reasons, we will not support any continuing resolution or appropriations legislation that funds further implementation or enforcement of Obamacare."
AKMurkowski, Lisa202-224-6665 
ALSessions, Jeff202-224-4124 
ALShelby, Richard202-224-5744 Won't Pledge
ARBoozman, John202-224-4843 
AZFlake, Jeff202-224-4521 Won't Pledge
AZMcCain, John202-224-2235 Won't Pledge
FLRubio, Marco202-224-3041 Pledged
GAChambliss, Saxby202-224-3521 
GAIsakson, Johnny202-224-3643 
IAGrassley, Chuck202-224-3744 Pledged
IDCrapo, Mike202-224-6142 Pledged
IDRisch, Jim202-224-2752 Pledged
ILKirk, Mark202-224-2854 
INCoats, Dan202-224-5623 
KSMoran, Jerry202-224-6521 
KSRoberts, Pat202-224-4774 Pledged
KYMcConnell, Mitch202-224-2541 Won't Pledge
KYPaul, Rand202-224-4343 Pledged
LAVitter, David202-224-4623 Pledged
MECollins, Susan202-224-2523 
MOBlunt, Roy202-224-5721 Won't Pledge
MSCochran, Thad202-224-5054 
MSWicker, Roger202-224-6253 
NCBurr, Richard202-224-3154 Won't Pledge
NDHoeven, John202-224-2551 
NEFischer, Deb202-224-6551 Pledged
NEJohanns, Mike202-224-4224 
NHAyotte, Kelly202-224-3324 
NJChiesa, Jeff202-224-3224 Pledged
NVHeller, Dean202-224-6244 
OHPortman, Rob202-224-3353 
OKCoburn, Tom202-224-5754 Won't Pledge
OKInhofe, Jim202-224-4721 Pledged
PAToomey, Pat202-224-4254 
SCGraham, Lindsey202-224-5972 Won't Pledge
SCScott, Tim202-224-6121 
SDThune, John202-224-2321 Pledged
TNAlexander, Lamar202-224-4944 Won't Pledge
TNCorker, Bob202-224-3344 Won't Pledge
TXCornyn, John202-224-2934 
TXCruz, Ted202-224-5922 Pledged
UTHatch, Orrin202-224-5251 Won't Pledge
UTLee, Mike202-224-5444 Pledged
WIJohnson, Ron202-224-5323 
WYBarrasso, John202-224-6441 
WYEnzi, Mike202-224-3424 Pledged
Please report what you hear from these senators so we can update our background information.

Senate Candidate Pledge

Here are the Republican candidates running for the U.S. Senate in 2014. See who has pledged to stop the funding for Obamacare and who has not.
 Candidate Has Signed Pledge    Candidate Has Not Signed Pledge
"I, ___________, pledge to the taxpayers of the state of ___________, and to the American people, that I will: ONE, support the full repeal of Obamacare (also known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act); and TWO, oppose any bill or budget resolution that provides funding to implement or enforce any part of it."
AKJoe Miller    Mead Treadwell   
ARTom Cotton   
ALJeff Sessions   
COKen Buck    Owen Hill   
GAJack Kingston    Karen Handel    Paul Broun    Phil Gingrey   
IADavid Young    Joni Ernst    Matt Whitaker    Sam Clovis   
ILDoug Truax   
KYMatt Bevin    Mitch McConnell   
LABill Cassidy    Rob Maness   
MESusan Collins   
MITerri Lynn Land   
MSThad Cochran   
MTChamp Edmunds    Corey Stapleton   
NCGreg Brannon    Heather Grant    Thom Tillis   
NEBart McLeay    Ben Sasse    Shane Osborn   
SCLee Bright    Lindsey Graham    Nancy Mace    Richard Cash   
SDAnnette Bosworth    Larry Rhoden    Mike Rounds    Stace Nelson   
TNBrenda Lenard    Joe Carr    Lamar Alexander   
TXDwayne Stovall    Erick Wyatt    John Cornyn   
WVPat McGeehan    Shelley Moore Capito   
WYLiz Cheney   

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