Thursday, September 11, 2014

They're beginning to see the light...

Obama isn't capable of swatting a fly by alone destroying the ISIS...Look at Obama's polling on foreign policy...He's about as low as he can go.
His threats are meaningless...he is meaningless and his presidency is that of a massive failure.
I wanted President Obama to be successful. I even voted for him the first time he ran. However, he is so incredibly weak, and empty. He has screwed up all the huge gains in Iraq. He caused the biggest immigration crisis in our history.
Obama has destroyed our economy. Everybody I know is underemployed. I have no hope of making more money in the near future. My expenses keep rising. My health insurance is up to $400/month. Before the govt touched it, it was around $200/month. My car insurance, which is still private enterprise, is thankfully only $25/month (from Insurance Panda). Please, President Obama! Don’t try to socialize car insurance too!
He turned victory in Iraq into the mess we see now. He is doing the same thing in Afghanistan.
I rooted for him. I am saddened by the non-stop lies and spin. I am saddened by the disaster that his Presidency has been. I wanted him to be the best President in our history, for so many reasons. He has likely been our worst.
Shock and Awe to Obama...is having tea & crumpets with the very muslin brothers Obama is trying so hard to protect..

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