Friday, June 9, 2017

In Memory of Vic Bablove and America opposed to Islamization and Sharia Law

With Comeys testimony yesterday, may we please go back to Making America Great Again? 

Our President was elected to do a job, and all he has faced is obstructionism from the MSM, Democrats, and even members of his own party! It is time for this to STOP! Governments prime responsibility is the protection of its citizens. Look at the failures in Britain and Europe with their PC open borders policies! Total failures!

It's time we, the American People took a stand and get rid of all those that are doing everything they can to turn this nation into a third world country. This goes for the media, Congress, liberal judges and all other hate groups! I time to let them all know that we stand with President Trump and their tactics, no matter what, will no longer be tolerated!

We must carry our fight to them and throw Political Correctness out the window! These Obstructionists must go!

If you agree with me, please share with every fellow patriot you know!

Reverend Joe Sondrup

Vic Bablove, mine and our dearest friend, I know you are continuing this fight from the right hand of God! May what you started and your vision for Our Great Nation never fade! You are greatly missed, but your work will continue through the capable hands you entrusted to carry on your great work!

May God be with us all in carrying out this message for all to hear!

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