Thursday, February 25, 2016


February 25


Fools give full vent to their rage, but the wise bring calm in the end.
Proverbs 29:11

Any archaeologist can tell you that nothing buried remains that way. So why do we assume we can bury something as unstable as anger? We let little things agitate us, but instead of confronting them, we bury them. Over time, our anger becomes increasingly dangerous, like an emotional bomb waiting to go off.

Some of the bombs dropped on England in World War II are still killing people. Sometimes they are discovered and blow up at construction sites, in fishing nets, or on beaches. Undetected bombs become more dangerous with time because corrosion can expose the detonator.

What is true of bombs that are not dealt with is also true of people who have unresolved anger. Buried anger explodes when we least expect it. And when anger explodes, it does all sorts of damage. It severs relationships. It causes ulcers. It leads to murder. When anger is turned inward, it leads to depression; when it is turned outward, it leads to aggression. You have to deal with anger, not bury it.

Dealing with anger is like preventing the bombing raids on England from ever happening. You don’t have to worry about buried bombs because there aren’t any. Anger only has as much control over you as you give it. 

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as counting to ten. You have to reason away your anger by asking yourself, “Why does anger have control over me in this situation?” When you’ve found the answer, you’ve found your bomb prevention.

The more resolute you are in retaining a peaceful spirit, the less power anger will have over you. Remain calm in Christ, and keep anger above ground. ♦


God, give me your peace that I may resolve my anger for …

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