Friday, March 4, 2016


If the GOP "Good old boys" spent 1/10th their energy on defeating Killary as they do in bashing Trump, she wouldn't even be in the race. 

I don't blame Donald for blowing his cork. Look at the hammering he's taking. Then, look at Little Man RINO Rubio lose it if you say one negative thing about him. The same goes for the Cruzin' Liar. Admittedly, Cruz is the most scholarly of the three on the Constitution, but it takes more than knowledge to be a President. You also need people skills. Cruz has none!

If the GOP doesn't get their act together pretty damn soon and start listening to the voice of the people, Killary will be Queen!

Trump isn't the enemy here, the Progressive Democrats are and it's time to concentrate on defeating them in November, or we will surely become what Obama wants, a Third World Nation without any respect throughout the World. We're already a laughingstock, with a Court Jester leading the parade!

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